Aparna is an architect from Cochin. She graduated from SRM University Chennai and has 7+ years of experience working with eminent architectural practices in Chennai and Cochin.

She started her career at KSM Architecture in Chennai. At KSM Architecture, she was mentored by Late K.S.Money, Sriram Ganapathi & Siddarth Money. Aparna moved to Cochin in 2016 and began working with Inspiration under Ar. Latha Jaigopal & Principal Designer Jaigopal Rao who specialise in Eco-sensitive built environs.

Her work at KSM Architecture & Inspiration shaped her design approach and gave her experience in a wide range of architectural projects from Institutions, Small to Large Scale Residences & Hospitality Projects. She had the opportunity to work on a range of challenging projects and develop solutions through innovation, practicality, and viable design philosophies interwoven with simplicity and sustainability while solving the fundamental functional requirements. Her work with a diverse group of clients also made her understand the importance of building and nurturing client-consultant relationships. Her work at Inspiration with a multidisciplinary team of Architects, Project Managers,  Engineers, Designers, Horticulturists, trained artisans and artists – all under one roof gave her a holistic exposure to the intricacies of the planning and implementation phases of Architecture. Her extensive on-site experiences gave her a knowledge of construction, project management and a sense of how various materials, shapes, shadows, and light imbibed a greater sense of space to someone experiencing it.

Ar. Aparna Suresh

Assistant Professor