seed is a school that strives to create an environment conducive for original design thinking.

It aspires to build a Commune of well-rounded individuals having environmental consciousness and humanism at the core, to intervene effectively in the community in real life situations as an aware and skillful citizen.


seed places high emphasis on self-realization and individual centric learning to develop a community of committed and value based professionals.  As a Design School, seed is committed towards creating an organic space of passion, application and bonhomie while negotiating divergences among individuals and thought processes to build a Centre for Excellence in all avenues of Environmental Design. The school firmly believes that it is important for the student to be able to look through multiple perspectives to adopt the most appropriate, ethical and context sensitive design stance. Therefore, the learning is multidisciplinary and student centric and offers them exposure to significant thought leaders from multiple fields. The seed program is designed with focus on the emerging dynamics of the industry and the rapidly transforming image of the Architect in the Contemporary technological society.