Harsha is a dynamic and ardent architect having seven and a half years of experience in both academic and professional realms. She graduated from the University School of Design, Mysore in 2014, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

After completing her studies, Harsha embarked on her professional journey at Thejus College of Architecture and delved into various subjects including Foundation Studio, Theory of Design, Building Material and Construction and Landscape Design.  Over the years, Harsha has inspired countless students with her creative approach to teaching and dedication to sustainability in design. Simultaneously, she pursued her passion for architecture as a part-time architect alongside her partner, Ar Benison George, working on a diverse range of projects such as Residential, Hospitality, and Master planning on an urban scale.

Throughout her years of practice and teaching, Harsha discovered that her true passion lay in exploring the potential of unbuilt architecture within existing built spaces. Motivated by this realization, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. The program provided her with a deeper understanding of the harmonious integration of nature and the built environment.  Harsha’s aspirations in architecture are motivated by her innovative style, steadfast commitment, and keen eye for sustainability. Her creative endeavours are further driven by her love for nature, built and unbuilt heritage, sketching, and travel.

Ar. Harsha Ezhuthupurakkal

Assistant Professor