Krishna Salim is an Architect with specialization in Advance Architecture Design. She received her Postgraduate degree (M.Arch D) from the Oxford Brookes University, United KIngdom, and her Undergraduate degree (B.Arch.) in Architecture from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai.

Her teaching and research interests lie in the connection between human emotions and architecture and how narrative architecture can help dwell in deeper meanings. She believes that just like narratives in literature or films can evoke emotions and convey messages, architectural narratives can engage users on an emotional and intellectual level. Photography, Model making and Writing are few of the techniques she uses to explore this.

She is the co-founder and Principal Architect of K-associates, a firm based in Calicut and Trivandrum. It is a young practice which firmly believes that design goes beyond aesthetics and functionality; it is a holistic process that considers the well-being, comfort, and lifestyle of the individuals who will inhabit them. She also collaborates with other firms to expand her horizons and tackle larger projects.

She gained her experience with internationally renowned firms in both Dubai and London and was engaged with some prestigious projects. Other than her industry experience she was an Assistant Professor at Avani Institute of Design, Calicut for over 2 years.

She has written a book of poetry titled “Breathe”, composed of poems that reflect her life experiences. She is RIBA Part 2 accredited , ARB recognised, COA accredited and holds Associate membership of CIAT.

Ar. Krishna Salim

Assistant Professor