Dr. A. Srivathsan has 30 years of cumulative experience in practice, research, teaching and writing in the areas of urban planning and architecture. His work spans four themes that are interconnected: Urban policies, urban history, contemporary architectural practices and the continuing histories of temples and temple towns. Prior to joining with seed he was the Academic Director at CEPT University 2014-19. Practice informs his research, and in turn, his research and teaching shapes his practice. He views these three spheres as mutually enriching, and when creatively bridged, the outcomes are inventive and practically relevant.

This approach reflects in his writings too. They range from academic and research papers to newspaper articles. For eight years, he worked as a full-time journalist and functioned as a domain expert in architecture and cities for a reputed national newspaper. The purpose of his writings is to inform, engage and expand the constituency for good design and meaningful city planning.

In the last six years, he has focused on institution building. As academic director of a 2000-student strong CEPT university, he has worked on academic administration, budgeting, and performance evaluation. Currently, he heads the research centre at CEPT University which supports and manages projects on architecture and urbanism. His administrative skills, perspectives, and experience have helped shape academic policies, mentor educational programmes constructively, and promote research. He is now in a unique position to share these learnings to enrich academics and practice.

Dr. A. Srivathsan

Head of Academic Council