Seedscape 2.0

11th and 12th June 2022
Inauguration of
Seedscape 2.0 –
the semi-annual exhibition of Students work
at Seed Gallery. The show will be on display till August 2022.

Seed hosted Architects Samira Rathod and Bijoy Ramachandran who shared their design process.

The head of Seed Academic Council Dr A Srivathsan moderated an illuminating Panel Discussion between them along with Ar Cyril paul of Ecorhythm Kochi on Ínhabiting Practice’.

On this special day, Seed also forayed into a dynamic new phase of Design education by becoming the first school in Kerala to sign an MOU of academic collaboration with CEPT University Ahmedabad.

On Sunday June 12th, the school also hosted a public review of its Studio projects by Samira, Bijoy, Dr Anjali Kadam, the head of CEPT Teaching and Learning Centre and Dr Srivathsan